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Overall Product Specifications

FeatureDescriptionBotpress Open Source
Downloads Available via source code, binary, or Docker image
Operating Systems
  • Self hosted on-prem: Linux (for Ubuntu, Redhat, and Centos), Mac, Windows
  • Self hosted platform-as-a-service & virtual private clouds - cloud agnostic: AWS, Digital Ocean (one click), Heroku (one click), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
SDKThe utility functions that can be used as arguments in user custom code (hooks, actions, module entry point functions, etc.)
  • SQLite (default for development)
  • PostgreSQL (alternative for production)
  • Standard login (configurable)
    • Password complexity & expiration policies
    • Specified login duration
    • Maximum login attempts & automatic locking of accounts
    • Session lengths & expiry
  • Audit trails: track via logs which files users are accessing and editing and when
  • Encryption
    • at rest (via PostgreSQL) - stored data and records encrypted with industry standard AES-256.
    • in flight - transmitted information are encrypted with TLS
  • Rate limits & various HTTP-server limits
  • Chatbot rollout strategies
Multi-Channel SupportInstantly deliver your bots on all the major messaging channels
Botpress Webchat
  • Create custom message widgets
    • Create your own GUI messages using React
    • Customizable with CSS
  • Flexibility for users
    • Multiple simultaneous conversations with the same bot
    • Reset & delete conversation (for privacy purposes)
    • File-sharing by users
      • hosted on AWS S3 or BPFS
      • File size/type configurable
3rd party NLU supportEasily migrate NLU projects done using other chatbots
  • Google DialogFlow to Botpress
  • Rasa to Botpress
  • Custom via Hooks
Custom Chatbot BrandingRebrand the Botpress webchat interface, with Powered by Botpress identification
Community SupportBotpress forum & community

Features within the Botpress Solution

FeatureDescriptionBotpress Open Source
Multi-Lingual Support
  • Botpress developer interface: English, French, Spanish
  • Available chatbot languages
    • One click for Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
    • 157 other languages available via FastText
Conversational AI ManagementManaged Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Engine – an industrial-grade native NLU engine, from domain specific natural language to structured data
  • Intent classification - understand the type of action (or ‘out of scope’) conveyed in the sentences and all its participating parts (e.g. book a flight, order dinner, buy a product, etc.)
  • Entity extraction - locate and classify named entities into predefined categories such as person names, organizations, locations, product SKUs, etc.
    • Regex/pattern entities
    • List entities
    • Fuzzy matching
    • All types of pre-built entities (via Facebook Duckling)
    • "Any" type (for entities that do not have a finite number of combination)
  • Slot tagging - tag the words which carry meaning to the sentences (e.g. landing city, type of meal, etc.)
  • Language identification - determining the natural language that a document or part thereof is written in (e.g. English, French, etc.)
  • Spell checking - check for misspellings and automatically fix the spelling mistakes so that the downstream NLU performs more accurately
  • Training resource configuration and allocation (e.g. training queue size, cache size, etc)
Content Management SystemExplicit separation of chatbot content from conversation flow, making that content easy to update
  • Translation center - see all your content in one place & see missing translations for a specific language
  • Audio
  • Button
  • Card
  • Carousel/Gallery
  • Dropdown
  • File / Attachment
  • Free text
  • Image
  • Location
  • Quick replies/Single choice
  • Video
Visual conversation / dialog managementVisual developer interface to create and management dialog states and context
  • Low code drag and drop user interface
  • Multiple visual flows and subflows with conditions
  • Multi-turn and the ability to jump from a topic to another seamlessly
  • Context management - process that enables data elements pertaining to a specific subject to be maintained within conversations (e.g. user name, SKU number, etc.)
  • Broadcast module - send scheduled chatbot wide messages
  • Conversational detours - while the visual flows represent the "happy paths" that are desired by the conversation designers, detours are about automatically and gracefully handling exceptions
  • Version control - changes to the visual tools such as the flow builder or content manager are version controlled and trackable
  • Template management - create, manage and reuse flows and subflows
  • Intelligent slot filling - prompting for missing form fields
  • Skills management - group and reuse flows and subflows to embed and manage domain specific knowledge
  • Code autocompletion and user interface shortcuts
FAQ/Q&ACreate, manage, and centrally access the most frequently asked questions the users may have
  • Context management
  • Rich messages
  • Workflow triggering
  • Bulk import/export
  • Translation interface
  • Message "alternatives" - the bot doesn’t always say the same thing
Human in the Loop (HITL)Delegate a conversation to an agent when needed, while collecting analytics to improve future chatbot performance
  • Dedicated user interface
  • User variables
  • Conversation queue, preview, history, and labeling
  • Comments on conversations
  • Shortcuts
Analytics & continuous chatbot trainingDashboards and tools to capture and improve user engagement and chatbot accuracy
  • Misunderstood - capture everything the chatbot doesn't understand and use it to improve your chatbot or expand its capabilities
  • Engagement
  • Conversations
  • Interactions
Testing, debugging, and logging
Chatbot privacy
JavaScript IDEEasily integrate with your internal systems and any third parties
  • Actions & Hooks - create and edit actions within Botpress (e.g. query a database, call an API, etc.). Features typing and intelligent code completion
  • Libraries - import NPM modules without having to create a custom module
  • VS Code embedded in Botpress Studio
  • Option for others that are Javascript compliant