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Supported Channels

In this section, you can find all the supported channels.

Supported Channels

ChannelOfficial Website
Botpress WebchatN/A
Facebook MessengerFacebook for Developers website
Microsoft TeamsAzure and Teams
SlackSlack - Apps Page
TelegramTelegram Developers website
TwilioTwilio Docs
VonageVonage - Start Coding
SmoochSunshine Conversations - Smooch


How can I test a channel locally?

Some channels (e.g. Messenger) require to have a public secure url. When testing on locally, we recommend using services like pagekite, ngrok or tunnelme to expose your server.

Why are my images missing?

Assets are exposed using a configurable base path. Make sure the EXTERNAL_URL environment variable is set so that your assets are accessible from the outside.

You can set the environment variable in a .env file located in the same folder as the Botpress executable.

If you don't know anything about .env files, just create a new file named .env at the base of your project. Then add the following line to it:


Replace <public_url> by your actual Botpress Server url.