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By default, Botpress uses SQLite as its database. However, we recommend that you switch to PostgreSQL as early as you can in your chatbot development cycle because it is highly fault tolerant, stable, scalable, and secure.

How to Switch from SQLite to PostgresSQL

First, make sure you're running PostgreSQL 9.5+ and create your database before starting Botpress.

Once your database is created, the only thing Botpress needs is a standard PG connection string configured in the DATABASE_URL environment variables.

If you want to use the default PostgresSQL connection string, set it as follows:

  • DATABASE_URL=postgres

While using PostgresSQL, you can configure the Connection Pools by using the DATABASE_POOL environment variable. For detailed options, please refer to tarn.js. You must enter valid json.


DATABASE_POOL={"min": 3, "max": 10}

You can also set the PostgreSQL Schema Search Path for every database connection (official documentation page here) by setting the DATABASE_PG_SEARCH_PATH environment variable.


This will be the equivalent of using the following SQL statement: SET search_path to mySchema. This feature requires you to create the schema prior to setting it. Moreover, although it's not recommended, you can set multiple schemas in your search path using a comma separated value syntax as you would do using the SQL statement.

If you don't want to type these variables each time you start Botpress, we also support .env files.

Accessing databases

Two handy ways to access whichever database you choose to use are:


Use either kebab case or snake case when defining tables and columns. However, if you prefer camel case, don't forget to wrap table and column names in "quotes".