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Single Choice

The choice skill provides a way to select one choice of many in free text format or with buttons.


Creating a Choice Skill

  1. From the Flow Editor view, click Insert Skill.
  2. Select Choiceselect-choice
  3. Select or create a single choice content-type choice-generating

You can disabled free text if you want your user to only be able to click buttons.

Single Choice options


The message is the question your bot will ask.


Create choice related to a question.


Label for the choice. This is what is displayed on the button.


Value to expect for the selected option, for yourself.

Using Intent Detection for Advanced Choice Recognition

Intents can also be used as the value to be able to catch variations of answers, and are manage in the NLU page. This is really useful for channels that don't support inline buttons like text messaging, where people type similar, yet not exact answers.

You can accomplish this by adding intent:INTENT_NAME as a value to your choice skill. Then, make sure your INTENT_NAME exists in the NLU > Intents menu and has utterances.