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Studio Interface


Selecting a bot brings you to the Conversation Studio.

The Conversation Studio allows you to:

  • create a new flow for a new chatbot;
  • refine the natural language understanding;
  • edit the conversational flow after testing it;
  • manage everything related to your conversational design;
  • train a NLU model;
  • test and debug your chatbot;
  • and so much more.



The Flows page helps you create a conversational flow with a user-friendly interface.

Content Management

The Content Management page lists all the different content types (such as action button, dropdown, text, etc.) and the content that you added.


You can modify the content directly in the Content Management page instead of the Flows page.

Natural Language Understanding

The Natural Language Understanding page allows you to add intents, entities and their slots.


The Q&A page allows you to add frequently asked questions and their answers.


The Libraries page allows you to import your custom code by using hooks and actions.


The Analytics page displays dashboards that contains analytics information gathered in the conversations with users.

Bot Improvement

The Bot Improvement page allows you to manage the negative feedbacks given by the users and use them to improve your chatbot.


The Broadcast page allows you to send information to a large amount of people.

Code Editor

The Code Editor page allows you to create and edit actions, hooks, libraries, configurations, and module configurations without leaving the Botpress Conversation Studio.



This is the older version of HITL Next.

The HITL page allows you to integrate human in the loop of the conversation when a human intervention is needed.



This is an improved version of HITL.

The HITL Next page allows you to integrate human in the loop of the conversation when a human intervention is needed.


The Misunderstood page lists what the user wrote that triggered the error-handling flow or when they send the negative comments about the Q&A.


The Testings page allows you to create conversation scenarios to ensure the bot keep its good behaviour whether the scenario. Those are unit tests.


The Config page displays the available bot configurations split in 3 sections: General, Additional Details, and Avatar & Cover Picture.