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Session Memory

Dialog Memory

The Dialog Memory is how your chatbot remembers things in the context of a conversation. The way you can store and retrieve data is by using actions inside the flows. There are four types of memory available: user, session, temp and bot. The value of type in the Set Variable user interface must be set to one of these four types.

You can consume a memory action just like any other action from the Botpress Flow Editor.


Flow Memory Action

Temporary Memory

The temp memory is the most frequently used type of memory in Botpress. This memory is kept from the beginning of flow until the end. As long as nodes are linked together, temp memory will be available.


If you were a user of Botpress 10.x, this was better known as the state of the dialog.

Typical use cases include calling an action, saving the result in the temp memory, and send a content element including the answer to the user.


You want to list the name of your servers, which your chatbot should fetch from an API.

This would be your action, fetch_servers.js:

const listServers = async () => {
try {
const { data } = await axios.get(``)
temp.servers = data.servers.join(', ')
} catch (error) {}

return listServers()

That action would fetch the name of your servers; then you could send a content element similar to this:

Here's the list of our servers: {{temp.servers}}