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Botpress uses the debug package to log information about dialogs, hooks, middleware, NLU, and others.

To see all the logs, set:

  • In source code: DEBUG=bp:* yarn start
  • In the binary: DEBUG=bp:* ./bp

You can set multiple namespaces by separating them by a comma:

# On Linux / Mac
DEBUG=bp:nlu:*,bp:dialog:* yarn start

# On Windows
set DEBUG=bp:nlu*,bp:dialog:*&& yarn start

Setting Default Namespaces

You can add DEBUG to your .env file located in your root folder to set default namespaces.


Available Namespaces


This feature is experimental and is subject to change

Go to <your_url>/admin/debug to see a complete list of the available namespaces. The super-admin role is required to access this page. You can also enable or disable them from this screen: