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System Entities

Duckling Extraction

Botpress Native NLU offers a handful of system entity extraction thanks to Facebook/Duckling. This engine allows you to extract known entities like Time, Ordinals, Date, and so on. For a complete list of system entities, please head to Duckling documentation.

By default, Botpress uses an instance of Duckling hosted on our remote servers. If you don't want your data to be sent to our servers, you can either disable this feature by setting ducklingEnabled to false or host your duckling server and change the ducklingURL in the data/global/config/nlu.json config file.

Please check the Deployment section for instructions on hosting your Duckling server.


User saidTypeValueUnit
Add 5 lbs of sugar to my cartquantity5pound
type: 'quantity',
meta: {
confidence: 1,
provider: 'native',
source: '5 lbs', // text from which the entity was extracted
start: 4, // beginning character index in original input
end: 9, // end character index in original input
data: {
value : 5,
unit: 'pound',
extras: {}

Confidence will always be one due to the rule-based implementation of Duckling.